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Do you already have an account with us and need to refill your propane tank?
Nothing could be simpler, call us or order online, taking care to enter your number
account and, if possible, the current percentage of use of your tank.

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  • The location of a propane tank must comply with defined clearance standards.
  • Distances are utmost capital for people safety and the good operation of the tank.
  • Here is a scheme clearly showing distances to respect when selecting a location for your propane tank.
    For more info, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.

All propane tanks have identification sequences on the tank collar. This indicates the manufacturing date. Here is an example of a serial number. Some tanks have a 10-year lifetime and some 25 years. Requalification of a tank can be made several times during its lifetime. This is why you could see several requalification dates on a same tank.


  • It is recommended to annually change the batteries of your system controller.
  • Your system also requires preventive maintenance performed by a Propane Goyer expert. Contact us now!
  • Propane is naturally colorless and odorless. This is why we add a product called Mercaptan, which created a smell of cabbage or rotten eggs. This odor helps to detect any leaks. If you have such an odor in your house, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open windows to air the location more easily
  2. Turn off the valve on your propane tank (looks like an exterior faucet)
  3. Check the propane level in your tank
  4. Quickly contact us at 450-473-4794

**Note that a low propane level, 15% and less, can also cause such an odor.

The system pilot could have been turned off following many events. 

 In order to distribute gas safely, here is Propane Goyer’s procedure:

  1. Make sure that the tank faucet is open.
  2. Make sure that the control & PILOT have been turned off for at least 30 sec before doing the procedure, to avoid gas accumulation at the system level (for access, you will probably need to open the system).
  3. Identify the buttons for starting the system. The LIGHTER or ignition is often as those formerly found on BBQs, red, and when you press it, you hear a sparkle. Not far from this button, there is another button called PILOT-ON-OFF.
  4. Turn the 2nd in PILOT position and press it. In order to get the gas out, you need to press this button. As soon as the PILOT button is released, propane stops to go out.
  5. While holding PILOT down, you need to press LIGHTER to get the sparkle that will ignite the PILOT. Sequences of 5 strokes maximum on LIGHTER while PILOT is pressed are suggested. After 5 strokes, stop the operation, wait for 30 seconds (to avoid propane accumulations in the system) and restart.
  6. Step 5 may require several repetitions according to the distance between the system and the tank and if there was still propane in the line.

  7. Once PILOT is lit, you need to keep the PILOT button pressed for about 15-20 seconds, to let enough time to the thermocouple/thermopile to take its temperature. After 20 seconds, you can turn the button to the ON position and all should work as usual.

**If PILOT does not remain lit after the 20-second delay, contact a member of our expert team.


We recommend that you contact us for deliveries as soon as your tank reaches a 30% level. This will leave us enough time to send a delivery truck before the tank gets completely empty.

  • The level of propane left can be checked on the dial located inside the tank collar. You will find it by lifting the tank cover.
  • It is also possible to buy our remote reader (telemetrics). It allows you to see the propane level on your smart phone or tablet without requiring to go outside.

  • First of all, you need to inform us as soon as possible in order to close your file or to transfer your account to the new owner.
  • It is important to know that the file remains in your name as long as no change has been made by Propane Goyer.
  • Charges related to the tank must be settled with a notary.
  • In Winter, to ensure the optimal operation of your system and a quick delivery service, it is important that your tank is cleared from snow; also check that there is no ice in the cover since this can cause bad pressure regulation.
  • We also ask you to remove snow from the access leading to the tank in order to ensure quick delivery and safety for our delivery staff.